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Bar Volpe was created, based on the time Chef Karen Akunowicz spent working and living in Italy, drawing on her time as a pasta maker.

Chef Karen lived, and cooked in Italy, but before taking the job as the Chef of L’Avian Blu enoteca, she spent 5 months working at a small Pastificio learning to make pasta with the Nonnas of Modena. Waking at 3am every day to shape dough, fold tortellini and make brodo, she not only honed her craft but became truly immersed as a pastaiolo and solidified her love for the art of pasta making. She brings this love to Bar Volpe where not only can guests sit over steaming bowls of perfectly sauced pasta, but they can stop into the Pastificio to take home pastas and sauces, olive oil, and our famed ricotta. 

If pasta is the heart of this restaurant, then the wood-fired grill is the soul. Chef Karen’s pasta shines as an authentic yet personal expression of Italian food and has been lauded as ethereal and her restaurant- and instant classic. At Bar Volpe, the wood fired grill adds yet another dimension to the food and atmosphere of the restaurant. Wood fired cooking is primitive and raw, it also harkens back to another time where this simple form of fire created depth of flavor that cannot be replicated. Focusing on technique and food from Southern Italy- cooked carefully over flames, the flavors shine.